How to cope with hair loss

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Losing head hair of a female at an early age is a matter of concern. It can adversely affect your level of confidence. Loss of hair for women is a social stigma. The social stigma reaches an extent that women avoid socializing like going to the gym or swimming. They cannot bear that people are talking about their hair loss and laugh with them. The medical term for hair loss is alopecia.

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The hair loss can be gradually or suddenly. It can occur in the form of hair thinning or total loss of hair. Reasons for hair loss are- medical condition, hereditary, medical treatment like cancer, extreme stress, age and after giving birth to a child. The worrisome condition of hair loss is before the age when you are young. The hair loss after 60-65 years is due to the process of aging that is normal.

An effective treatment for female baldness is a hair lotion containing collagen supplements. Many women have experienced an increase in their hair volume, stop in hair fall or balding. Also, it helps in regrowth of hair. You are advised to consult a dermatologist before starting or finishing any medication or treatment for hair loss. It is very important to manage the psychological impact of hair loss.

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Tips to cope with loss of hair

  1. Watch videos of women suffering from alopecia– You must understand this simple thing that you are not alone who is suffering from this problem. Watch the videos of the person suffering from alopecia from an early age and how they have come up with this problem and social stigma.
  2. Join a support group– These groups will help you socialize with people suffering from the same problem.
  3. Talk about your problem– Share your problem with your family members, loved ones, and friends. You must speak out how you are feeling. Expressing your feelings is the way towards therapy.
  4. Accept– Accept it with pride, although it’s not easy. List out all your good qualities and focus on positive energy.
  5. Cover your head– Look attractive by covering your head with wigs, scarves, hair extensions and makeup. Make your style statement.
  6. Be patient- Many hair losses are temporary. Accept it and be patient with the treatment and regrowth of hair.
  7. Use collagen hair products-Collagen helps in hair regrowth. Use collagen- rich lotions or shampoos.

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