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Elizabeth a caring mother, a loving wife and a dedicated teacher lives a hectic life that is always on the go and never has time for herself. Always going over and beyond for her children, husband and students, neglecting her beauty her skin, hair and nails. Always putting everyone before herself and always drained but never complains. Elizabeth has started to age and the signs are becoming apparent.

She isn’t sure which product is best for her so she decided to try various facial creams, lotions and products. She soon discovered that they had limited effect and targeted the superficial signs without addressing the foundations of aging. Elizabeth then decided to

“Keep the calm flowing through your veins when everything is chaos.”

invest in trying to cover up her signs of aging and her wrinkled skin, because she felt the current anti-aging products available on the market were not fulfilling her desires in achieving that youthful glow and healthy skin, hair and nails.

After months of constant make-up application to make her feel more secure in her own skin, Elizabeth started to notice an acceleration in her ageing, numerous break-outs & scarring of her skin.

Elizabeth wanted to go on her own personal journey, a journey whereby for once, she is doing something for her own self, and improving an aspect of herself that she feels will boost her confidence and remove her insecurities. She wanted once to go out and feel comfortable in her own skin, and obtain compliments on her skin and general wellbeing rather than questions about why her skin appeared so uneven and wrinkly. Elizabeth feels youthful at heart: she is active, busy and always on the go. She exercises regularly and has a well balanced diet. She has no medical problems. Elizabeth wants her outer health and skin to reflect her positive inner health.

I felt inspired by this one, so I urged her to pick some flowers from nearby.

For once in a very long time, Elizabeth wanted to take this first step towards improving the appearance of her skin, hair and nails in a way that not just improves the outer beauty and radiance in the short term, but also focuses on improving the inner health as its foundation in the long term. She wanted something to incorporate into her way of life as part of a healthy balanced lifestyle, and something that is natural and free from harsh chemicals. She always taught her students, that a healthy body is a healthy mind, and a healthy mind means that aging will never be a troublesome factor. Like many others out there, Elizabeth has many desires when it comes to achieving that healthy youthful glow and radiance, but doesn’t have the time to invest in time-consuming expen- sive products or procedures with po- ssible uncertain prognosis, numerous side-effects and that most importantly, don’t end up working in the long term.

Elizabeth started to do her own research, does a natural based product exist, with minimal side effects, that focuses on improving one’s inner health and as a result, targets the foundation of ageing to create healthy, radiant and youthful skin, hair and nails? This would be Elizabeth’s ideal product.

Elizabeth is definitely not alone in her search. There are many others like Elizabeth who share the same story or can relate to her desires of improving her inner and outer beauty and wellbeing. This was our inspiration behind the development of our unique product Collagen Pro-X, a natural product that targets the foundations of aging from within and contributes to improving one’s general wellbeing, to ensure a healthy body with radiance and glow for Elizabeth.

“Keep that pose. It’s perfect.”

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