Home remedy tips for glowing and spotless skin

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Are you dreaming for a glowing and spotless skin? You may be jealous of skin of celebreties. Why not to get your dream fulfill without many of your outdoor beauty parlor visits and exotic treatments. Get the glowing and spotless skin with the following easy to find home remedies-

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Coconut water– Heat the oil and massage gently with your fingertips for two minutes. Wipe the excess oil from the face. It is an excellent moisturizer that has anti-microbial properties. It keeps the skin fee from infection. The antioxidants present in the coconut oil will keep the natural glow of your skin.

Apple cider Vinegar– Mix it with water and apply it on the skin with a cotton ball. Leave it overnight and then wash the face. The acid in vinegar will make the skin layer healthy. It also acts as an astringent to prevent the pores from infection and inflammation.

Green Tea– Steep the green tea bag in hot water and drink it. Daily consumption of green tea will make the skin clear and healthy. It is full of anti-oxidants that detoxify the body.

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Lemon- Cut the lemon in two pieces and rub it on the skin in circular motion. Lemon juice is rich in Vitamin C that helps in skin lightening. Your skin will get clear from spots and blemishes, you will get clearer and flawless skin.

Honey– Apply a thin layer of honey on the skin for fifteen minutes and then rinse it off with lukewarm water. It contains vitamins and minerals to nourish the skin. With its regular application, it gives a younger looking glowing skin. It has cleansing properties that keep the pores clean.

Aloe Vera- Take the small piece of aloe Vera and cut the gel into cubes. Rub this gel on the skin. It has anti-septic and cleaning properties. It clears the skin from blemishes and spots. It also moisturizes the skin.

Olive oil– Take few drops, apply it on the skin, massage and then rinse it off. It contains Vitamin E that helps in the hydration of the skin. It helps in the restoration of elasticity and keeps the skin clear.

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Rose water– Place the rose water in the refrigerator and apply it on the skin. After rinsing off, your skin will become clear and glow like roses. It increases the blood circulation and maintains the PH of the skin. It acts as a natural astringent.

Potato– It has enzymes that bleach the skin naturally. It will provide you with skin free from blemishes, spots and discoloration.

Turmeric– It is a natural antiseptic that treats minor cuts and wounds. It has skin lightening properties.

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